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Our high-performance timber frame windows from Rationel add a touch Nordic resplendence to your home. They create an elegant retreat, allowing you to take a step back and relax. 


Highly energy-efficient as standard, they act as the catalyst to a totally comfortable and satisfying environment, no matter what type of home you live in.


All our windows are completely custom made. From colour to glazing. To opening and closing functions. We take great care to create the perfect product for you. 


Whether you're looking for a sustainable, natural look, or a reliable option specifically designed to protect your home from elements or the wear and tear of a busy family life. Look no further than our Rationel windows.

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Timber windows hold a traditional charm and can be fitted in almost any type of home.

For UK homeowners who are considering replacement windows, wooden window frames retain a period look that is lost with modern uPVC installations.

From their charming aesthetics to helping to lower your heating bills, you’d be hard pushed to find a better material for windows.

How long do timber windows last?

Timber windows have an excellent overall lifespan which can be furthered by coupling with Alunium cladding and regular maintenance.


Unfortunately, timber has a tendency to expand and warp. This can lead to windows that require an increasing amount of effort to open and close. 

Woodtypes: Softwood

Softwood is suitable for both contemporary and period-style homes. It is popular amongst those wanted timber on a limited budget. This wood can be stained but is usually painted. Douglas fir is very stable and durable softwood. Softwood windows require painting every few years.

Hardwood is a slower growing type of wood and therefore has a tighter grain than softwood making them more stable and durable. Oak is the most popular and is often used on traditional-style homes. Hardwood promises a longer lifespan than softwood.

Woodtypes: Hardwood

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Windows don’t always have to be rectangular...We love to create outside of the box designs too.

Contact us today to talk about your requirements.

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