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Origin Internal Doors 

Flexible, practical and the perfect statement…

Over the past 10 years, the rise in popularity, and quality of products available, has led to the team at Prime installing numerous french doors in Devon. Our extensive experience allows us to advise you on the best use of sliding doors for your home. At Prime, we have a number of different systems each offering unique features and we will help you decide which system would be right for you.

Origin Internal Doors?

Origin’s black internal doors provide a Georgian, rustic-style appearance, giving your home more character no matter the type of property. The OI-30's aluminium design helps to create a steel-look for your internal room divider, suiting a large range of commercial and residential interiors for breaking up your living space. You may want to match your internal room divider to other furniture in your home or commercial space, such as an industrial-style coffee table, dining chair or office chair.

Our OI-30 internal doors are also powdercoated to withstand relentless exposure to the elements and UV light, along with the everyday excitement and vigour of family life.

How do I make them unique?

With the Origin Internal Door, you can even choose between horizontal and vertical Georgian bars, or choose both options for your door. You are also able to increase or decrease the number of glazing bars to suit your preferred aesthetic. For example – you may opt for more glass and less bars for a more minimalistic design. On the other hand, you may want to choose more glazing bars for an Art Deco look.

These doors also come with a large array of accessory options.

These allow you to change the style of hinges and handles. 

There are 14 different styles of handles ranging from the 

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Click on the brochures below to start your Origin experience...

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