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Vertical Sliding Windows


At Prime Windows, we provide an array of top quality Vertical Sliding Windows.

Supplied and manufactured by Roseview windows, we have been long standing installers with Roseview and truly believe there is nothing better on the market. 

Roseview Ultimate

Unbeatably authentic, the Ultimate Rose sash window is the pinnacle of sliding sash windows. The best aspects of modern uPVC materials and an indistinguishable timber aesthetic offer the greatest timber alternative sliding sash solution. Featuring our innovative and irreplicable 35mm midrail, it has a slim and sleek design that creates unparalleled style. Seamless run through horns and an internal interlock are just some of our handcrafted finishing touches that complete the look of these distinguished sliding sash windows.

But the Ultimate Rose isn’t just the ultimate in terms of style; it will also provide your homeowners with fantastic performance. A rated for its thermal efficiency, it’ll keep homes warm throughout the year, potentially also saving customers on heating costs. While the heat stays inside, noise will be kept out, with our Ultimate Rose windows providing sound reduction, keeping your interior peaceful and quiet.

Roseview Ultimate.jpg
Roseview Heritage.jpg

Roseview Heritage

Providing a timber aesthetic that outperforms all except the Ultimate Rose, the Heritage Rose is a high performance alternative to timber sash windows. They will provide customers with a stylistic feature for their project, capturing the look of timber style sliding sash windows. From the pavement, they’ll be indistinguishable from timber windows, providing a great level of accuracy. For those looking for modern performance with a universal design, the Heritage Rose is an outstanding choice.

Its style is undeniable and largely speaks for itself, but the Heritage Rose’s performance is not to be underestimated. Coming completely weatherproof as standard, they’ll provide a great level of resistance against wind and rain alike for end users. Repainting is a thing of the past, too; our uPVC frames will never need touching up, giving hassle free functionality to residential and commercial clients alike. Interiors will be calm and peaceful, with noise reduction as standard across our Heritage Rose windows.

Roseview Charisma

Charisma Rose sash windows will give your customer’s properties an injection of style for any contemporary or traditional build. They are versatile in application and offer an excellent aesthetic style. While being cost effective, they are fitted with a range of our premium sliding sash features. These include inward tilting sashes, which will make cleaning completely hassle free for homeowners and commercial clients alike.

Combining function with form, the Charisma Rose sash window gives end users great performance. Featuring our standard A energy rating, these windows will provide customers with a superb, energy efficient performance, helping keep heating bills to an affordable level. It also features sound insulation, perfect for homeowners who live on a busy road or for public building projects in more urban areas. Topped off with excellent weatherproofing levels, you’re customers can rest assured knowing the weather won’t be an issue.

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