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Origin Front Doors 

Flexible, practical and the perfect statement…

Over the past 10 years, the rise in popularity, and quality of products available, has led to the team at Prime installing numerous french doors in Devon. Our extensive experience allows us to advise you on the best use of bi-fold doors for your home. At Prime, we have a number of different systems each offering unique features and we will help you decide which system would be right for you.

What are Origin front doors made of?

When looking for a statement entrance door for your existing home or new build project, we offer the Origin range of residential front doors. These come in a huge array of colours and designs. The residential door is made in two sections, an opening sash and a frame. The sash is fitted with a number of panels for a truly bespoke entrance door.   

Aluminium makes doors extremely easy to maintain when compared to materials such as timber and the powder coating colour finish means the colour does not fade over time, like other materials.

How customisable is the Origin front door?

We are glad you asked, the Origin front doors are available in 150 RAL colours! With different colours available inside and out making it a truly unique entrance. In addition, the Origin front door is available in 8 panels. This means there is a staggering 719,400 different possible combinations for an Origin door.


To date Origin have manufactured 440,000 doors. This means there are still 38% of configurations that are completely unique assuming every door before has been a different configuration (which they have most definitely not been). 

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Click on the brochures below to start your Origin experience...

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