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Origin French Doors 

Flexible, practical and the perfect statement…

Over the past 10 years, the rise in popularity, and quality of products available, has led to the team at Prime installing numerous french doors in Devon. Our extensive experience allows us to advise you on the best use of bi-fold doors for your home. At Prime, we have a number of different systems each offering unique features and we will help you decide which system would be right for you.

What are french doors made of?

Usually, we recommend customers choose aluminium bi-fold doors. However, when a bi-fold doesn't quite suit the project you may want to consider a french door. The innate strength of aluminium allows for the use of french doors in apertures up to 2.4m to allow the maximum amount of viewing space.

Aluminium makes doors are extremely easy to maintain when compared to materials such as timber and the powder coating colour finish means the colour does not fade over time, like other materials.

Are aluminium french doors secure and efficient?

Much like the Origin bi-fold doors, the aluminium profile features an integrated thermal break. This stops thermal bridging and allows you to meet the U-values of your projects with ease. In addition, the french doors and bi-folds both come with certified PAS24 compliance. Ensuring, your home is warm and safe. 

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