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Whether you’re looking for something beautiful, elegant, modern or traditional, there’s something for you in our Aluminium Window range.


We exclusively use the UK’s leading brand of aluminium windows - Origin which are tailormade to compliment your property, no matter what the style. The premium  grade, British manufactured windows open up your space in a way that completely suits your needs and fill your home with natural light.


The Origin Window collection consists of two systems – the OW-70 and the OW-80. Both feature stunning designs and exceptional finishes.However, the real difference is their window sightlines. The OW-70 offers the thinnest sightlines to let in more light and reduce window profile, whilst the OW-80 offers more configurations, larger sizes, and colour options.

Why Choose Aluminium?

High Strengh

Aluminium’s integral strength means the material will not be affected by changes in temperature and will not flex, twist, expand or contact.

Windows can be manufactured to larger dimensions than timber and uPVC counterparts, without compromising on security levels.

Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium frames are highly thermally efficient, provided the window frames are fitted with a bespoke thermal break cavity, which prevents the transfer of heat out of the home.

An optional upgrade called Aerogel makes the window the most thermally efficient system on the market.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium windows only require cleaning with warm soapy water in order to keep them looking clean.


Most aluminium window frames are powder coated, which means they don’t need to be repainted and the colour won’t fade over time.


Powder coated aluminium also doesn’t corrode, discolour, rot or warp.


Beautiful slim frames and multiple colour finish options make aluminium windows an extremely stylish choice.

Available with powder coated RAL colours that create a flawlessly smooth finish, provided the aluminium used is of a high quality

Comparing OW-70 and OW-80 Aluminum Windows

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